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Want to Look Less Saggy?

Want to Look Less Saggy? The whole ReNue injector team was in Toronto this past week learning from one of the masters of medical aesthetics from Brazil, Dr. Mauricio De Maio. If there is such a thing as a guru in the medical aesthetics world, he is one.  The training reminded me of the topic of volume loss in the face and how much we have changed our approach to how the face ages over the last few years. Jowels, sagginess, heavy face, and drooping are all terms that many patients over the age of 50 start to connect with.  They … Continue Reading

Addressing Sadness in the Face

Whether it is right or not, we all spend a great deal of time trying to judge what others are feeling as we interact.  We make judgments that we don’t even think about on a daily basis.  Whether this person might be friendly, happy, smart, fun or even a good person to get to know.  Our first interaction with people is through the use of our visual observations.  This goes back to our caveman instincts as to whether it is safe to be around a person or not.  Our initial judgments served as a survival instinct and we can’t simply … Continue Reading

Key Questions to Ask Your Medical Aesthetic Injector Part 2

  As you navigate the world of non-surgical procedures, it’s hard to determine who to trust to perform your injections. In this blog post series, I will address some more important questions to ask your cosmetic provider before you have a treatment. Some key questions to ask your cosmetic provider are: 1. What are the best Filling Agents? At ReNue, we always think in terms of optimal outcomes and not the product that is being injected.  When we think in these terms, we are always suggesting what is best of the customer.  I have mentioned before that we extensively use … Continue Reading

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures to Treat Dark Circles, Hollows and Bags Under Eyes

Dark circles, under-eye hollows and eye bags are not easy to treat but are an extremely common problem in the aging face. This can be a tricky area that often gets ignored by medical aesthetic professionals due to lack of confidence and the belief that there are only surgical options to correct the problem.  A surgical blepharoplasty, while helping to remove loose skin, often can lead to the under eye looking more hollow. At ReNue, I offer a non-surgical option for treating dark circles, hollows and bags under the eyes. It has taken me over 16 years to understand how … Continue Reading

ReNue’s Infamous Black Friday Event

Join us for our BIGGEST shopping event of the YEAR!  *Gift bags are given with a purchase while quantities last* No Rain Checks! Don’t miss out! ReNue Calgary Thursday, November 24th 12pm-5pm  ReNue Seton Friday, November 25th  1pm-6pm ReNue Airdrie Saturday, November 26th 10am-2pm