Dr. McWhirter

The Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Lip Enhancement: Lip Injections, Plumpers & More

Along with the eyes and nose, the lips are one of the face’s most prominent focal points. They frame our smiles and add character to the way we look with unique colors, sizes, and shapes. Because of this, they’re also one of the most popular features to enhance through cosmetic procedures. If you want to achieve more symmetrical, proportional, and youthful lips, you have options from topical products to surgery to lip injections, a favorite at our Calgary practice. This blog post is your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about cosmetic lip enhancement. We’ll cover what it … Continue Reading

A Trusted and Convenient Solution for All Your Skin Product Needs

I hope everyone has remained safe and well during Covid.  Our whole team is eagerly awaiting our re-opening but we have been very busy in the meantime.  We have many new initiatives, are preparing for re-opening and are ready to see everyone as soon as we can. In the meantime, we have had many calls from patients who are starting to run out of their skin products.  We have all had more time to spend on-line and shop and it has increased the confusion as to what skin products to use and whether you should be changing yours.  There are … Continue Reading

Those Dreaded Lip Lines

Lately, I have had many consults where the number one priority for our customers was lip lines. Like so many other wrinkles on the face, lip lines have been coined with other more witty names. “Bar codes” is my favorite. Quite the image! Honestly, when I get asked about how to treat them, I take a long pause…a slow deep breath…and often begin by apologizing. They happen to be one of the most difficult things to treat when it comes to the aging face. They occur for multiple reasons, but the main two are:    Repeated lip pursing through speech, … Continue Reading

How the Environment Affects Our Skin Beyond the Sun

I will start by doing a bit of old fashion preaching.  I pray that everyone realizes the sun is the skin’s enemy and there is very good research to that backs this up, despite what the suntan studios would have you believe.  If you want to have your skin age poorly and look like old shoe leather, spend lots of time at tanning studios.  The newer lamps are likely better, but they still do lots of damage that can promote premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.  Don’t be fooled by their false claims, as they have been banned … Continue Reading