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We have been working very hard over the last few years trying to figure out what we can do to continually improve the results for our customers and the experience within our locations.  We listened hard, put our creative hats on, and came up with the ReNue Radiance Program, or “RRP.”  What we kept seeing was that “ReNuers” were not paying enough attention to their complexion as it ages and what we kept hearing was that they had great intentions to come in on a regular basis to keep their BOTOX or filler injections up-to-date, but life often was getting in the way.

Why Should You Join the ReNue Radiance Program?

Your complexion is so important to aging well.  A good glow to the skin with evenness and brightness is a hallmark of youthfulness and beauty, even more than reducing lines and wrinkles in many cases.  Complexion treatments are also preventative in nature when started early and repeated.  It is very hard to rebuild collagen and elasticity in the skin once it is lost.  Why not work on keeping it?

At ReNue, we are creating a community that deserves great education and service to keep their skin looking its best.  One that patients can trust to get a properly customized program for themselves.  One that can count on true physician supervision of their treatments.  One that makes patients feel safe and cared for the moment they walk in our doors.  We feel passionately that a hassle-free membership program was that best way to offer this, which is what RRP is…but we hope it is so much more.

What Do You Get When You Join RRP?

I will save you the specifics on the RRP, but in broad strokes, for $99 per month you can receive a choice of several medical complexion treatments that can exfoliate, brighten, thicken or even out your skin tone and complexion.  These treatments have minimal to no downtime, will improve your skin substantially over time, and they feel great.  Each free treatment is valued at more than $150 if you were to purchase them individually, which makes this offer very compelling.  Plus, it commits you to a program of paying more attention to your complexion.

What Happens if You Miss a Couple of Months?

Can’t come in every month?  You can bank 6 months of treatments and get a bigger treatment such as CoolSculpting or deeper, more corrective laser skin treatments.  Finally, there are ongoing reductions in your BOTOX, dermal filler and laser treatments that can pay for your membership on their own, over and above the Brilliant Distinctions Program.

What Else Should You Know About RRP?

This is a no-pressure program.  You can cancel at any time.  The ReNue Radiance Program speaks for itself, but please ask one of your service providers if you have any questions about it and how to sign up.

Did I mention the first month is FREE?

Welcome to the best skin of your life.

Contact us online or call one of our three locations to join RRP: (403) 523-1091 Calgary Seton, (403) 945-0350 Airdrie, or (403) 454-1244 downtown Calgary.

4 Responses to Learn More About the ReNue Radiance Program

  • Lori Skerrett says:

    Please clarify ongoing reductions in Botox and fillers. The program looks good I just need to understand further. Thank you

    • Dr. McWhirter says:

      Hi Lori. Every time you come in you will receive 10% discounts on all the Botox and Filler you get when you are a ReNue member. You can also continue to take advantage of the the Brilliant Distinctions program and apply those discount coupons as well. I hope that helps. We feel the program helps patients spend more time on their complexion and getting relaxing facial treatments while receiving discounts on the Botox and Filler and laser treatments that they would get anyways. If you need any more clarifications, please call one of the ReNue clinics. As an FYI, we will also be launching an App for patients to help manage their memberships, book appointments on-line etc so please stay tuned. Thank you for your support over the years!!

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  • Marianne Rosen says:

    Hello Renue

    I was recently browsing a book written by a plastic surgeon. In his is section on injectables he said there have been many instances of blindness caused by injections in the glabellar line between the eyebrows, and blindness could be caused by making a mistake anywhere on the face but especially on the triangle in the middle of the face. I understand that this can happen even with well trained staff, but the risk increases with staff who are not well trained. These risks seem to be downplayed by the industry. So how risky is it to become blind even when the injector is qualified? Thanks for any information.

    • Dr. McWhirter says:

      Hi Marianne. Thank you for your great question. The injection of dermal filler does carry risks as do all surgical and non-surgical procedures and sometimes that gets forgotten, but should always be discussed prior to receiving any treatments. Blindness is the most devastating of complications reported from the injection of dermal filler and the lower forehead area between the eyes is the riskiest of areas. Having said that, the risk is exceedingly rare and certainly depends on injector technique and experience as the complication is caused by inadvertently injecting filler into a blood vessel that feeds the eye. We don’t know actual statistics but considering the amount of filler that is injected world-wide, it is safe to say that the risk is extremely rare, but not zero. The glabellar area should simply never be injected with filler unless the patient has a full understanding of the risks of blindness and all other options for cosmetic improvement are explained. This area, if injected, should only be performed by a physician with years of experience. I am not clear about the point the plastic surgeon was trying to make in his book, but if it was to suggest that people should not be getting filler injections due to the complications, he is misinformed. There are far more complications and deaths each year caused by plastic surgery and there is good reason why the rates of facial plastic surgery are declining rapidly. Non-surgical aesthetics can simply deliver a superior result unless there is an extreme anatomic deformity of the face or extreme laxity of the facial and neck skin. Non-surgical procedures also have a stronger role in prevention than plastic surgery. We all want to avoid complications and are all working towards making treatments safer and more effective but the risks of getting into your vehicle each day are far greater than having a complication from a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

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