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I want to “myth-bust” some actual questions that have come up at our ReNue medical aesthetic clinics in Airdrie, Downtown Calgary and Calgary Seton.  “Skin rejuvenation”, “filler” and “Botox” are some of the most common Google searches done by people looking for help with their aging skin.  There are so many myths about skin aging discussed around the water cooler and found on the Internet that I wanted to present information that can be trusted.  This will be a common theme in my blog.

Myth #1. “If I start getting BOTOX and then stop, will I look worse than if I never did it in the first place?”

There has been lots of study into this question and it is very clear that Botox prevents aging by relaxing the muscles that lead to wrinkles on the face over time.  If you decide to stop getting treatments, you will continue to age at your natural rate and not at an accelerated rate.  The prevention of wrinkles is a cornerstone of aging better.  Using small amounts of Botox early in prevention is a growing trend and it makes a lot of sense.

Myth #2. “If I start getting facial filler, such as TEOSYAL® or JUVEDERM, in my lips or cheeks and then stop, will they deflate like a balloon and look worse?“

Nothing could be further from the truth.  We now know that facial filler actually stimulates collagen as it slowly goes away and leaves the skin in better shape than if never used at all.  We use a very unique product called Redensity II around the eyes and it thickens the skin over time because of its ingredients and natural breakdown process.  Redensity II also contains vitamins, growth factors and amino acids that stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Myth #3. “If I start getting skin rejuvenation treatments am I going to end up looking like a Hollywood Housewife?”

The majority of our patients want to age gracefully and naturally and it is our job to guide them appropriately.  The most common mistake I see women make is getting too much filler during their lip injections. Some people’s lips were meant to be small.  It suits their face and is an attractive feature.  Not all lips fill well and it is often when we try to change nature too much that facial features get distorted.  At ReNue, we start very slowly when women want their lips augmented and often just a simple lining of the lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding into lip lines, is the right approach.  The lips can then be expanded upon in follow up visits until the desired affect is achieved.

Myth #4. “The person treating me must know what they are doing.  There are standards, right?”

Sadly, there is little regulation in the aesthetic’s world.  It is very important that you do your research when choosing a skin rejuvenation establishment.  We believe strongly that treatment should be offered under medical supervision in a comfortable yet clearly medical setting.  We adhere to medical standards of care, not spa standards and they are very different.  Anyone can operate a laser in Alberta and there is little regulation involving the age and quality of the laser and the training of the operator.  Choose a business with years of experience, new technology and a high level of training.  Ask about these things if you are uneasy about your consultation and get a second opinion.  If a deal seems to good to be true then it probably is.  This is serious stuff, not “Groupon” material.

I would be happy to answer any other controversies you might have about aging and how to look natural as you age, feel free to ask in a comment in the blog or request a consultation and meet with me in person.  I will collect your questions and answer them in a follow up blog.

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