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No Downtime Treatments at ReNue

  Christmas is coming and it seems to me the parties start earlier each year.  I think Black Friday now is the official kick off to the Christmas holiday season.  Boy, it didn’t take long for that to take hold in Canada.  We had a very successful Black Friday sale at all three of our locations, so thank you to all of you that took advantage of some rare discounts. At ReNue during our free consultations we always spend time discussing the possibility of downtime(recovery time) associated with some treatments.  By downtime we mean the potential for extensive redness, peeling, … Continue Reading

November Newsletter and Specials

 It’s no secret that the holidays are fast approaching…  Look and feel your best this Holiday season with ReNue! Join us for ReNue’s  Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza!!!   *Draws for Gift Baskets* *Gift bags for the first 50 in store purchases* *Gifts with purchase from various skin care lines* *15% discount on all skin care products one day only!!!* ReNue Airdrie Thursday November 26th, 2015  6:00pm-9:00 pm ReNue Calgary Down Town Friday November 27th, 2015 12:00pm-5:00 pm ReNue Calgary Seton Saturday November 28th, 2015 10:00am – 4:00 pm Meet Dr. McWhirter November can be a busy month… Take a little YOU time. November Spa Specials! … Continue Reading

A Breakthrough In How ReNue Injects Filling Agents

                There are breakthroughs happening all the time in the medical aesthetic industry.  Most of late are focused around laser technology, laser light and fractional technologies.  Nothing much new has happened in the dermal filler world for some time…… until now. Dermal Fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid and are injected under the skin to volumize the face.  The most famous in Canada is Juvederm® but there are many others.  We use Teosyal® and Juvederm the most at ReNue.  I am super passionate about dermal fillers.  It is my favourite treatment to perform and … Continue Reading

How to Get Safe and Effective Laser Hair Removal

I have noticed a disturbing trend in laser hair removal over the last few years and feel I need to speak up passionately about it.  It seems like every street corner seems to have someone doing laser hair removal these days.  Hair salons, tanning studios, dental offices, chiropractic offices and even massage therapy clinics have been known to offer this service.  There are some very compelling reasons to have your treatments done at a professional medical aesthetics clinic like ReNue to avoid grief down the road.  I am going to provide some straight up facts about how you can get … Continue Reading

Skincare Tips. Don’t Ignore Your Complexion

I’m not going to lie.  People can spend significant amounts of money on BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®(filler) at our ReNue medical aesthetic clinics.  What I see as a common mistake is not committing the proper amount of time and dollars to the most obvious sign of ageing….complexion.  I even have a theory that if more emphasis was put on maintaining and improving ones complexion that people would need less BOTOX and JUVEDERM. Red blood vessels creeping across the nose or chin and red spots across the cheeks and forehead are signs of thinning skin and loss of collagen.  They can also … Continue Reading