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The Real Truth About Skin Aging

As a follow up to my last blog I wanted to share some well established truths to prevent your skin from aging and rejuvenate skin that has already sustained some damage over time or abuse.  These are well established scientific facts that can guide you through a lifetime. Collagen is the Holy Grail of aging.  It is a major structural component of our skin and the more you have, the thicker and healthier your skin will look.  As babies, we have lots to start and, like so many other things, it is all down hill from there. We lose it … Continue Reading

Myths about BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM®

  I want to “myth-bust” some actual questions that have come up at our ReNue medical aesthetic clinics in Airdrie, Downtown Calgary and Calgary Seton.  “Skin rejuvenation”, “filler” and “Botox” are some of the most common Google searches done by people looking for help with their aging skin.  There are so many myths about skin aging discussed around the water cooler and found on the Internet that I wanted to present information that can be trusted.  This will be a common theme in my blog. Myth #1. “If I start getting BOTOX and then stop, will I look worse than if … Continue Reading

Welcome to My Blog: A Fresh Look Into the World of Aesthetic Treatments

Keeping current on the latest aesthetic trends and treatments is sometimes a tough prospect because the industry is constantly changing. Magazines, TV shows, and websites devote lots of space and time to cosmetic procedures ranging from non-surgical body contouring to skin care. We’re all trying to look our best and everyone from teenagers to seniors is interested in skin care, anti-aging treatments, and dermatology services. Patients from throughout the Calgary area come to my practice locations daily with questions not only about skin care, but also the latest advances in med spa services. Now, I’ve got a new way to get … Continue Reading