Skincare Tips. Don’t Ignore Your Complexion


I’m not going to lie.  People can spend significant amounts of money on BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®(filler) at our ReNue medical aesthetic clinics.  What I see as a common mistake is not committing the proper amount of time and dollars to the most obvious sign of ageing….complexion.  I even have a theory that if more emphasis was put on maintaining and improving ones complexion that people would need less BOTOX and JUVEDERM.

Red blood vessels creeping across the nose or chin and red spots across the cheeks and forehead are signs of thinning skin and loss of collagen.  They can also be caused by inflammatory conditions such as rosacea or from sun exposure.  Brown spots are caused by many things like genetics, imbalanced hormone and too much sun exposure.  I consider the fine lines and wrinkles that cascade across the cheeks as part of someones complexion.  This is not usually BOTOX territory.  The fine “smoker’s lines” across the lips are also mostly a complexion issue.  Finally, some peoples complexion just looks dead and dull.  It has no glow or radiance and looks tired.  It is amazing the difference made in someone’s confidence by giving them that glow back.

Towards the end of summer our complexion has inevitably taken a beating, has picked up a few sun spots and looks a bit dull, or has developed a few more fine lines.  It is time to get a plan in action to reverse this process.

Step 1.  Exfoliate the build up of dull and tanned skin away.  The best way to do this is through chemical peels and Silk Peel® microdermabrasions.  There is very little downtime required and the results can be stunning even after a few treatments.

Step 2.  Use Intense Pulse Light or Broad Band Light (BBL®) to target red spots, broken blood vessels and brown spots.  This is amazing technology that also can stimulate collagen development if done repetitively.  A lot of people ask me how I keep my complexion as good as it is.  This is my secret.  I believe strongly that it can stop the aging process if done monthly.

Step 3.  Use high quality skin products that are designed for your skin type and age.  There are some great skin kits out there that provide a step by step approach to ReNue-ing your skin.  Nu-derm® is our favourite but there are other great products available as well.  Retinol based skin products are a must if your skin can tolerate them.  Also, use good quality moisturizers.  I am a big fan of hyaluronic acid based skin care products like the new Premiology® line.  Finally, I can’t end without mentioning proper sunscreens that have at least 30 block.  I use daily powder sunscreens(Colorscience®) that don’t lose effectiveness throughout out the day and have a light tint to hide my pasty skin.

If you follow these basic steps and devote the time and money your complexion deserves, you will feel like a million bucks and others will take notice too.  I guarantee it.

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  • Shu says:

    Great tips!
    Several patients are now on the Obagi Nu-Derm Kit. We can’t wait to see their skin transformations at the end of their 12 week journey. Some patients are already seeing amazing results at 4 weeks.

  • Mona says:

    / finall, a post worth reiadng. Well done on posting some very nice info. I will be saving your blog to bookmarks and will let all my local freinds know about your site.[]

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