The Real Truth About Skin Aging

What is the real truth behind aging skin

As a follow up to my last blog I wanted to share some well established truths to prevent your skin from aging and rejuvenate skin that has already sustained some damage over time or abuse.  These are well established scientific facts that can guide you through a lifetime.

Collagen is the Holy Grail of aging.  It is a major structural component of our skin and the more you have, the thicker and healthier your skin will look.  As babies, we have lots to start and, like so many other things, it is all down hill from there. We lose it at different rates as we age. The decline rate depends heavily on genetics and environmental factors and the key to aging well is to preserve collagen. So, unless you are genetically blessed, we all have to work hard at keeping our collagen.  Hang on to it for dear life because it is really hard to get back.

Here is how to lose collagen fast.  Smoke lots, don’t wear sunscreen or a hat, and go to sun tan studios at least once a week.  For even more rapid collagen loss, expose your skin regularly to wind and cold, you will be sure to look like a prune in no time.  Have you ever wondered why dark skin or Asian skin ages so well?  It is because the more pigment that is found in your skin, the thicker it is.  The thicker it is, the more collagen it naturally contains.  My wife happens to be Asian and I am glad I can take full advantage of my clinics services to keep up with her.

Big Truth #1.  There are in fact very few skin products with good scientific evidence to increase collagen in the skin. The ingredients are not found in high enough concentrations at the cosmetic counters in your local pharmacy or department store so don’t be fooled by all the advertising.  They need to be medical grade to work and can only be found in medically supervised aesthetic centres like ReNue.  Retinoic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin A, has over 1000 studies that support its’ ability to increase collagen formation in skin.  It should be the pillar of any anti-aging skin cream. The problem is that is it is naturally drying and can cause itchy and irritated skin.  Many new medical grade skin products have a patented buffering system that allows retinoic acid to be very well tolerated on the skin.  Even people like me with the most sensitive of skin can use it!

Big Truth #2.  There are very few skin rejuvenation procedures with good scientific evidence to increase collagen in the skin. The key is to exfoliate the skin either chemically or mechanically, or with a laser, to build collagen.  Procedures like chemical Peels, microdermabrasions and laser peels would all be examples of procedures that accomplish controlled exfoliation of the skin.  These technologies have all been validated in scientific literature to improve collagen in the skin. The more you do, the more collagen you build and keep.  We love light laser peels to rejuvenate skin, especially for people who don’t have a lot of recovery time in their busy lives.

Big truth #3.  A clear complexion is one of the most important features of beautiful skin.  We often spend so much effort and dollars treating wrinkles (BOTOX®) or addressing volume loss (JUVEDERM®) in the face, that the complexion takes a back seat.  Brown spots, redness, large pores and fine lines are all signs of an aging complexion.  Our favourite way to address these concerns is through photo-rejuvenation.  One treatment a month has been shown to essentially stop the skin from aging(Forever Young BBL™).  Really!!!

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process to develop an anti-aging skin care routine and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Please contact us at any time at one of our three ReNue locations in Airdrie, Downtown Calgary or Calgary Seton.  We offer free consultations and are here to help.

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