Welcome to My Blog: A Fresh Look Into the World of Aesthetic Treatments

Model - Calgary Skin CareKeeping current on the latest aesthetic trends and treatments is sometimes a tough prospect because the industry is constantly changing. Magazines, TV shows, and websites devote lots of space and time to cosmetic procedures ranging from non-surgical body contouring to skin care. We’re all trying to look our best and everyone from teenagers to seniors is interested in skin care, anti-aging treatments, and dermatology services. Patients from throughout the Calgary area come to my practice locations daily with questions not only about skin care, but also the latest advances in med spa services.

Now, I’ve got a new way to get you the answers you’re looking for: my blog.

I see this new blog as a vehicle to communicate with my patients, discuss skin care trends, and offer insight into new treatments so you can make informed choices. As the medical director at ReNue, I’m dedicated to remaining on the leading edge of medical advances in skin care, hair removal, and cosmetic treatments. I’ll write about those advances as they happen.

I also see this blog as a great way to offer tips to readers. You can expect advice on topics ranging from choosing the best foods to eat for healthy and glowing skin to maintaining a youthful appearance without having to take time off from work. I also plan to puncture some myths — still think you don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day?

I established ReNue in downtown Calgary more than a decade ago as a way to complement my medical practice. In the ensuing years, we’ve opened ReNue locations in Calgary Seton and Airdrie to better serve the region. As a fully licensed physician with a special interest designation in dermatology and skin aesthetics, I’ve pursued a vision of delivering innovative treatments to patients in an environment that encourages them to feel safe and comfortable.

Through this blog, I hope to reach even more men and women throughout the region and provide authoritative information that isn’t available elsewhere.

Thank you for reading.

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