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Preventative Skin Care Tips

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Preventative skin care is the hallmark of any ethical medical aesthetic practice like ReNue. We strive to do more than simply slow the signs of aging and believe a principal component of providing quality skin care to our Calgary, Seton, and Airdrie patients is the prevention of aging and harmful skin conditions such as skin cancer. We work with you to limit the factors that put your skin at risk, whether the threat is cosmetic or a serious health concern. Many risk factors are within your control, and ReNue can help you adopt healthy habits to protect and maintain your skin every day.

Visit ReNue for quality skin care, request a consultation at our downtown Calgary clinic, our Seton clinic, or our Airdrie medspa. Or call us at 403-454-1244 (Calgary) or 403-945-0350 (Airdrie) or 403-523-1091 (Seton) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

Minimizing Risks

To help you preserve the health of your skin, we recommend minimizing or eliminating the following risk factors:


The biggest risk factor to skin health is smoking. If you smoke, stop now. You will look younger and you may well live longer too.

UV Light

Exposure to UV light can be damaging even in the winter months. Everybody – and we mean everybody – should wear daily sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. The easiest way to ensure a consistent pattern of protection is to apply a daily moisturizer with UV protection. ReNue offers a selection of skin care products suited to a wide variety of skin types.

Environmental Pollutants

Limiting exposure to environmental pollutants will further improve your outlook for graceful and healthy aging. High-quality cleansers and toners will remove makeup and prevent asphyxiation of the skin. A daily cleansing regimen is part of any good skin care program.