Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal ModelMost body hair is fine, pale, and usually not visible to the naked eye, but dark, coarse hair on certain areas may make a person feel uncomfortable. These areas include the face, neck, back, abdomen, breasts, legs or underarms for women, or shoulders, arms, chests or back for men. IPL hair removal or laser hair removal at our Calgary, Seton, and Airdrie clinics provides long-lasting reduction of unwanted hair with a series of treatments.

To visit ReNue in Calgary, Seton, or Airdrie for IPL and laser hair removal, request a consultation or call us at 403-454-1244 (Calgary) or 403-945-0350 (Airdrie) or 403-523-1091 (Seton) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

Meet Dr. McWhirter

Dr. Jason McWhirter has a passion for aesthetics centered on the principle that beautiful skin and physical wellness are intertwined. Through specialized expertise and a desire to truly listen, Dr. McWhirter consistently provides the results our patients love.

About Hair Growth

To understand the laser hair removal treatment process, it is important to know that hair grows in 3 phases:

  • The active growth phase – the part of the follicle that actually generates the hair (the papilla) is present and is growing a hair.
  • The mature phase – when the hair has stopped growing and the papilla has disappeared.
  • The dormant phase – the follicle is preparing to "shed" the old hair (exfoliation) and cycle back to the active growth phase.

On average, a hair follicle will cycle through the phases every 4 to 12 weeks depending on which part of the body the hair is growing.

Your Hair Removal Process

During laser hair removal, the laser energy passes through the surface of the skin and heats up the pigment in the follicles preventing the follicles from regrowing hair. When dark hair is treated, it is always vaporized regardless of the phase. However, the follicle itself will stop making hair only if treated during the active growth phase – when the hair shaft is still connected to the root, making it vulnerable to the heat energy that destroys it.

Because not all hairs are actively growing at once, ReNue suggests a series of 5 to 6 laser hair removal treatments, spaced approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart for best results. Many clients make the most of their time at ReNue by having additional aesthetic treatments such as injectable wrinkle treatments or TempSure® Envi skin rejuvenation along with laser hair removal.

Why Choose ReNue for Laser Hair Removal

When selecting where to receive treatment, remember that complications from over-aggressive procedures can result in months of healing time. At ReNue our technicians are certified with many years of experience and we provide a clean, safe, physician supervised environment.

Common Questions

Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Because laser hair removal works by administering laser energy into the pigment of unwanted hairs, it works best on men and women who have a strong contrast between their skin and hair color, specifically people with lighter-colored skin and dark hair. For this reason, laser hair removal is more challenging for Calgary-area men and women whose unwanted hair is blonde, grey, or another lighter shade. Thanks to advancements in laser technology, we may still be able to treat your hair no matter the shade, but a more extensive treatment schedule may be required. The best way to know whether you are a good candidate is to schedule an appointment with us.

What do treatments feel like?

Most patients describe the laser hair removal process as mildly uncomfortable, but not painful. Patients typically report feeling a light sting as the laser is administered, similar to the sensation of a rubber band lightly snapping their skin. You may opt for a topical anesthetic before treatment to further improve your comfort. After your session, you may return to your normal activities immediately, although you may feel some tenderness similar to the feeling of a sunburn.

How long does each treatment last?

The time you'll spend in our clinic depends on which areas you want to treat. Smaller areas of the body, such as the upper lip, require only a few minutes of your time. However, it can take more than an hour to treat the legs, back, or multiple areas of your body. When you contact us to schedule your appointment, a member of our team will offer you a more specific estimate based on your needs so you can plan your day accordingly.

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