Peels & Microdermabrasion

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Peels & Microdermabrasion ModelAt ReNue, we specialize in medical-grade, minimal-downtime procedures for beautiful, healthy skin. Unlike products or treatments from a beauty counter or day spa, microdermabrasion or chemical peels at our Calgary, Seton, and Airdrie clinics produce visible results more consistently. These innovative treatments can be customized to address a wide array of skin concerns.

If you would like to experience microdermabrasion or one of the many chemical peels offered at ReNue, request a consultation or call us at 403-454-1244 (Calgary) or 403-945-0350 (Airdrie) or 403-523-1091 (Seton) and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

Meet Dr. McWhirter

Dr. Jason McWhirter has a passion for aesthetics centered on the principle that beautiful skin and physical wellness are intertwined. Through specialized expertise and a desire to truly listen, Dr. McWhirter consistently provides the results our patients love.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels accelerate exfoliation to improve the quality and appearance of your skin. Natural mild acids are applied to the skin to loosen dead skin cells and make way for newer healthier cells. Chemical peels are used for controlling acne, treating aged and sun damaged skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving uneven skin tone.

Pigmentation (Melasma)

Melasma is a darkening of the facial skin, resulting in macules (freckle-like spots) and larger patches. It commonly affects the cheeks, mid-forehead, jaw line and areas around the mouth, and occasionally it spreads to involve the sides of the neck. It usually affects women, typically starting between the ages of 30 and 40. Triggers include estrogen supplements, birth control pills, pregnancy and others. Melasma is sometimes separated into epidermal (skin surface), dermal (deeper) and mixed types.

Melasma can be very slow to respond to treatment, so patience is necessary. Generally a combination of the following measures is helpful.

  • Year-round sun protection. Use a broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen
  • Bleaching creams inhibit the formation of melanin by the melanocytes. They include: Hydroquinone 2-4%, Azelaic, Kojic and Salicylic acid.
  • Glycolic acid skin care products and professional peels.
  • Topical retinoids, such as tretinoin.
  • Applying mineral makeup to help conceal the affected areas.
  • Chemical peels are a revolutionary treatment for people frustrated with procedures that provide little or no benefit. Using a specialized peel unique to ReNue, results include significant brightening of the skin and lightening of melasma and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels also improves blotchy discoloration as well as the tone and texture of your skin.
  • Silkpeel dermoinfusion treatments utilizing Lumxiyl and vitamin C.
  • Destroying the pigment with an intense pulsed light device – this is possibly the best treatment for a quick result but several treatments may be necessary.

Results take time and even in those that get a good result from treatment, pigmentation may reappear on exposure to summer sun and/or because of hormonal factors.


SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion

Our clinics in Seton and Calgary offer the latest in microdermabrasion technology, SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion – one of the most dynamic skin treatments available today. It is the only procedure that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific topical solutions, leaving patients with fresher and moist feeling skin. SilkPeel is safe and painless, allowing patients to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort associated with more invasive procedures. In addition, SilkPeel is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin or become inhaled into the lungs. SilkPeel is appropriate for all skin types and addresses a wide range of dermatological conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamage, dehydration and fine line wrinkles. To achieve the best results, ReNue recommends a series of 6 treatments spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, as well as regular use of quality skin care products. For general maintenance, a treatment once a month is ideal for most patients.

Dry Microdermabrasion

Traditional or dry microdermabrasion is available at our Airdrie medical spa. When performed by our highly trained aestheticians, this treatment can improve the appearance of brown spots, photo damage, fine lines, and improve overall skin texture and appearance.

Dr. McWhirter offers a variety of alternatives for treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Explore your options.

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